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Millions of pounds are lost each year through housing benefit fraud, the time taken by housing staff in checking applications and supervising tenants places puts further strain on many over burdened housing departments. These issues can be easily overcome with the VALIDATE TENANCY AGREEMENT SYSTEM.

VALIDATE ensures the positive identification of tenants and a deterrent against subletting fraud. Integrating VALIDATE within your organisation’s housing systems, officers in disparate offices have access to real time data of all voids, occupied properties and tenants in a single centralised system.

VALIDATE also incorporates the tenant’s digital photographic image for inclusion within the printed tenancy agreement and computer records. This supplies your housing officers with the ability to visually verify tenants against the property rented.  

The optional VERIFY ID MODULE, provides automated identification of fraudulent ID documents including: Passports; Visa's; National ID Cards, Residence Permits; Driving Licenses, providing housing officers with a complete solution for combating identity fraud and illegal subletting of social housing delivers an immediate and tangible return on investment by streamlining the administration process, leading to improved customer satisfaction and reduced costs through lower levels of fraud, wastage and inefficiency.

Can you afford not to?


  • Electronic Tenancy Agreement production
  • Automatic downloading of void properties
  • Integration with Tenancy Management Systems
  • SQL Server database
  • Automated Tenant image embedding within Tenancy Agreement


  • Streamlines housing application process
  • Helps to prevent unauthorised sub-letting
  • Reduces waiting lists
  • Reduce staff administration time
  • Empowers housing officers
  • Removes the need for paper based systems

VALIDATE and the VERIFY ID MODULE are available in desktop and mobile versions and will soon be available as a web based option.

For further information contact our sales team on: + 44 (0) 1865 591811

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