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Minimising risk & protecting your reputation has never been easier using VALIDATE.

Employers and Recruitment Agencies in the UK are responsible for ensuring that the individuals they employ have the legal right to work. Failure to do so could lead to heavy penalties and fines of up to £20,000 for each individual case and in some cases a 2 year custodial sentence, can you afford to take the risk?

Simply scanning passports/visa’s/documents is NOT enough - the Home Office guidelines stipulate that employers must check applicable documents in the presence of the owner, e-mailed pdf's are not acceptable and not secure.

Establishing your employee Right to Work whilst minimising risk & protecting your reputation has never been easier using the VALIDATE, workflow based, no fuss, ID document checking system.

  • VALIDATE - CAPTURE & STORE | Capture, verify and store employee's ID documents utilising a Home Office compliant workflow system
  • VALIDATE - REPORT | Advanced Reporting Tool allows simple reporting of applications and document status (expiring document's, employments conditions, etc.)
  • VALIDATE - WORKFLOW | Significantly speeds up the ID checking process utilising an automated workflow process which assists users identify what documents are required by the applicant dependent upon their country of origin.
  • VALIDATE - DOCUMENT READERS | Utilises industry standard Document Readers enabling the examination of document security features (UV/IR & Coaxial Light plus Biometric Chip)
  • VALIDATE - DOCUMENT DATABASE | Utilises a "real time" global database of 7500+ MRTD - Machine Readable Travel Documents (Passports; Visa's, Biometric Residence Permit, Driving License, etc.) covering 244 x countries & territories.
  • VALIDATE - INTEGRATION | Integrates with external HR, Payroll & Talent Management Systems
  • VALIDATE - SCALABILITY | Suitable for any business employing or recruiting permanent or temporary staff.

What is “Appropriate” Validation?

As an Employer or Recruitment Agency, you must ensure that prospective workers are eligible to work in the UK before their employment commences. By doing this, you establish a ‘statutory excuse’ against being liable to pay a fine (known as a ‘civil penalty’) for employing an illegal worker.

In order to provide statutory excuse against liability employers must verify document authenticity, this can be established easily with VALIDATE.

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