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Validate ID Ltd is the leading provider of authentication solutions designed to assist Universities to conform to UKVI & OFS Right To Study, Right To Work, including Tier 4 Compliance requirements.  Already installed in 50+ UK's Universities, VALIDATE is being continually developed and improved with the assistance and input from these Universities. 

Manual ID validation is slow; prone to human error and has inherent storage and retrieval issues. Failure to manage this function carries the potential risk of losing your Sponsor Status resulting in loss of revenue and reputation risk.

VALIDATE has been designed for Universities to quickly CAPTURE, VERIFY, EXTRACT & STORE large volumes of data from a range of Identity documents for easy transfer to their Student Records System using industry standard Passport Readers - similar to those used in e-gates at UK Airports.

VALIDATE improves processes, significantly speeds up enrolment (process a Passport, Visa Vignette & BRP in under 90 seconds) and provides efficient reporting tools to automate and assist Universities with their UKVI audits - a requirement under the terms of their Tier 4 Sponsor License.

As part of the authentication process, VALIDATE enables Universities to analyse students’ identity documentation against a database of over 7500+ document types covering 244 countries and territories - in real time with zero "pay per scan" costs.

Simple pass/fail feedback minimises the chance of errors, and a two-click to answer interface minimises user training and student waiting times which, significantly enhance the "student experience".

Each scan is stored on a MS SQL Server database hosted within your envionment, allowing sophisticated queries and ensuring accurate and secure record keeping. The reporting function allows access to a wide variety of default reports including: Expiring Visa's/Passports/BRP's; Failed Documents; Report to Police Students, No Shows, Missing Documents plus the ability to create "user defined" reports on virtually any data field held within the database.  This detailed, customised, reporting ability greatly assists Universities in preparing for UKVI Audits.

Additionally, VALIDATE can be easily integrated with your Student Records System, for example - SITS, BANNER, QUERCUS, UNIT-e, SAP, SHAREPOINT and the majority of SQL based "Home Grown" Systems.

During the past 6 years, the Validate Development Team have gained significant, demonstrable experience of assisting Universities with their integration processes.

For further information contact our sales team on: + 44 (0) 1865 591811



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