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There are a number of circumstances where organisations need to positively verify an individual’s identity documentation – a statutory responsibility which can have severe consequences if not performed.

VALIDATE has been designed to CAPTURE, VERIFY, EXTRACT & STORE large volumes of ID documents to improve business processes whilst assisting organisations to meet the needs of the ever changing compliance rules and regulations.


  • VALIDATE - BORDERS - Border Control
  • VALIDATE - CLOUD ON-BOARDING - Customised Solutions for Cloud based ID Verification
  • VALIDATE - KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER - Positively authenticate clients’ ID documents for AML compliance
  • VALIDATE - RIGHT TO RENT - Workflow based Right To Rent ID compliance
  • VALIDATE - RIGHT TO STUDY - Tier 4 Visa Compliance for Universities & Educational Institutions
  • VALIDATE - RIGHT TO WORK – Workflow based Right To Work ID compliance
  • VALIDATE - TENANCY AGREEMENT SYSTEM - Tenant ID Verification & Tenant Agreement Production System for Social & Private Housing

For further information contact our sales team on: + 44 (0) 1865 591 811

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