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Validate ID  partner with Regula Forensics Inc to bring you this unique AutoVIN Software for Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) decoding.  The versatile tool for quick and non-destructive examination and in-depth forensic investigations.

  • Discover if VIN numbers have been altered
  • Examine the authenticity of Vehicle VIN
  • Uncover the Original VIN

Discovering that a vehicles VIN has been altered is the key to discovering the vehicles true identity. The model 7505 uses innovative techniques and sophisticated software, to not only identify those VINs which have been altered, but can even help reconstruct the chassis number.

Rust, paint, lacquer coatings and other methods used to hide the alteration of a vehicle’s VIN are ineffective as the powerful imaging technology reveals the extent of the criminal activity.

The software is designed for retrieving information on heavy plant; farm machinery; light vehicles, heavy vehicles, buses, motorcycles.

The accompanying software also presents information about position of places of markings, images of vehicles, images of VIN execution, etc.

The Science

The method of Magneto Optical Imaging of VIN plates becomes more and more popular in the auto theft investigation community.

The basic principle is in creating magnetic replica of the surface and sub-surface properties of the material on special magnetic tape. This tape can store magnetic information for a long time without any decay in the signal strength. The recorded information can be visualized by using magneto-optical transducer utilizing the ability of polarised light to rotate in presence of the magnetic field (Faraday rotation).

For non-magnetic material the information can be recorded by using Eddy current scanners, which utilise electric current for recording. According to Biot–Savart law a steady electric current generates magnetic field.

In turn, this magnetic field generates secondary electric fields (Eddy Current) with accompanying magnetic fields. These Eddy currents and “secondary” magnetic fields are sensitive to the internal stress of the analyzed material and are used for magnetogram recording. The method was successfully applied for investigation of various materials including but not limiting to obliterated, corroded, and stamped over VIN plates.

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